nearly 1,500 Opel Ampera-e recalled

Built on the same platform as the Chevrolet Bolt, the Opel Ampera-e has not escaped the recall campaign affecting the American car. In Germany, 1,500 copies of the lightning-fast city car will have to go back to the workshop.

Cut off from its momentum by the takeover of Opel by the French group PSA, the Ampera-e has still sold a few thousand copies on the old continent. Designed on the same technical basis as the Chevrolet Bolt, it inherits the same technical setbacks as its American cousin, of which nearly 70,000 units are the subject of a recall campaign due to a potential fire risk at the level of the vehicle. drums.

In Germany, nearly 1,500 copies of the Opel electric car will have to go back to dealerships. As with the Bolt, the procedure will consist of installing an update that will limit the maximum charge level of the battery to 90%. Aiming to “reduce the risk”, the operation will reduce the autonomy for the user. While waiting for the update to be deployed, Opel is urging its customers to limit the maximum charge level through the infotainment system.

In the United States, the American road safety authority, NHTSA, opened an investigation in mid-October following several cases of fire in the Chevrolet Bolt. In its recall notice, the American organization urges owners not to park their car in their garage or near places of residence or other vehicles.


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