Need a plumber or carpenter? Rates rise more than 32 percent

This is apparent from an analysis by labor market data specialist Intelligence Group with HR service provider HeadFirst Group.

The model looks at the constant increase in rates, of 1.8 percent per year. However, the extent to which there is a shortage of employees in a particular profession also plays a role. Self-employed workers with a practical profession in particular will increase their rates, the model shows.

Also furniture makers and gardeners

Not only if you need a plumber, carpenter or electrician you will have to pay considerably more. That is also the case if you want to have something else done in your home.

For example, furniture makers and upholsterers will charge 12 percent more and painters almost 4 percent. If you hire a landscape gardener for your garden, you can expect a rate increase of just under 12 percent, according to Intelligence Group, with HR service provider HeadFirst Group.

New construction

Even if you have a house built or buy a new house, you will have to pull out your wallet even more.

A construction worker in the structural work (making the foundation, walls, floors and the roof) will demand almost 10 percent more and a construction worker in the finishing phase (everything that happens after a building is wind and watertight) almost 22 percent.


If you take your car to the garage, you will also be considerably more expensive, according to the model. Auto mechanics will charge about 10 percent more.

Last year collectively negotiated wages in the Netherlands rose by an average of 2.1 percent. Then it becomes a lot more difficult to hire professionals, if you can find them at all.

Machine mechanic: + 45 percent

If you are in one of the above sectors yourself, then you are of course a fat buyer. For example, a machine mechanic will be able to charge almost 45 percent more and electrical engineers more than 40 percent.

Average increase much lower

But not everyone will be able to ask for so much more. On average, highly educated professionals will be able to charge an average of 5 percent more per hour.

And if you’re a bus driver or tram driver (-1.3 percent), or a librarian (-2.8 percent) or logistics manager (-8.2 percent), you’ll probably need to lower your fare, Intelligence Group and HeadFirst Group think. .


Waiting a year and a half for your kitchen to be installed? Have to pay thousands of euros more for your contractor than expected? Or do you have leaking gutters while there is no carpenter to be found in the furthest distance?

The shortage of professionals means that many home buyers and renovators are at a loss. Do you also have such an experience and want to share it with us? Send an email to

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