Need for Speed: Racing game planned with a new graphic style

A new part of the racing game series “Need for Speed” with a new graphic style is to be released in autumn.

With “Need for Speed ​​Heat” the last offshoot of the popular racing game series will be released in 2019. Since then, the EA series has been quiet. But the next part of “Need for Speed” should be released in November – exclusively for the current consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. A PC version is also likely to be in the works. VentureBeat game journalist Jeff Grubb has now revealed new information about the game in a podcast.

Photorealism and anime elements

Accordingly, the upcoming “Need for Speed” should have a striking new graphic style. On the one hand, this will strive for photorealism and at the same time take up anime elements. This mix should be very dynamic and underline the action factor associated with the series.

Fictional Chicago as the setting

EA is also planning a return of the multiplayer feature Autolog. In earlier parts, players could switch seamlessly from single player to multiplayer. It will also be possible to customize your own vehicle again. Grubb also revealed the first details about the location: The new “Need for Speed” will therefore play in a fictional version of the city of Chicago called Lake Shore City.

Criterion Games as developer

EA has not yet confirmed the new information. However, it can be assumed that the mostly well-informed journalist got his knowledge from good sources. Criterion Games (“Burnout 3”, “Star Wars Battlefront II”, “Battlefield 2042”) is stepping in as the developer of the new “Need for Speed”, previously Ghost Games was responsible for the last four offshoots of the racing game series.

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