Negative advice for traveling abroad because of the corona crisis: various airlines keep aircraft on the ground

Foreign Affairs advises against traveling abroad because of the spread of the new coronavirus Covid-19. The risk is too great that Belgians would get stuck abroad, because there is a chance that other countries will place Belgians in quarantine. Foreign Affairs also launches an emergency number for those who experience problems. In the meantime, various travel organizations, including Tui, keep all aircraft grounded.

“Worldwide, countries are taking measures to contain the coronavirus and to stop the pandemic. So many countries are taking quarantine measures or closing their borders that normal passage cannot be guaranteed. The risk for Belgian citizens to be blocked is so high that all travel abroad is discouraged, ”the website of the Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs states. Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey, among others, announced that they would no longer let any aircraft leave to and from Belgium. Some European countries have also closed their borders.

With a number of insurance companies, you can cancel your booked trip free of charge as a result of such a negative travel advice. It is best to check your travel cancellation insurance or contact your insurer.

Emergency number for Belgians abroad

Belgians who are still abroad should firstly turn to the local authorities and their tour operator or airline for assistance and guidance.

If that does not help, they can contact the Belgian embassy of the country in which they are located. They can also call a Foreign Affairs call center from 9 am to 8 pm at 02/5014000.

Secretary of State Philippe Goffin (MR) emphasizes that the number is intended for emergencies abroad. For non-urgent questions you can contact 0800/14689.

Tui, Corendon and Sunweb cancel all flights


The travel organizations Tui, Corendon and Sunweb keep their planes on the ground after the advice of the FPS Foreign Affairs. Tui will continue to provide the return flight for Belgians who are currently abroad. “On the flights to the destinations, on which no departing package travelers will be taken, ticket-only customers can fly along,” says a statement from Tui. “However, Tui cannot guarantee that the return flight they have booked will be able to be carried to our country.”

Belgians who want to take the plane home from abroad earlier than planned are allowed to do so as long as there are still places available on previous return flights. Travelers who have not yet departed from Belgium will receive a voucher to pay for a TUI trip with a later departure date.


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