Neon White: Lightning-fast first-person platformer from the makers of Donut County

When it says Annapurna Interactive, there is often a fresh indie inside. At Nintendo Direct yesterday, Annapurna Interactive introduced Neon White, a wicked, lightning-fast first-person platformer. Neon White is about the destruction of the sky demons.

Players fight with other demon hunters for the chance to live permanently in heaven. The other assassins seem familiar. Has White met them before? In a past life?

Neon White was developed by Ben Esposito, the creator of Donut County. In the winter of 2021, Neon White should fight for a place in the Nintendo Switch Olympus. A release for PC Steam is also planned.

Direct also had that to offer

And what else was going on at Nintendo Direct? A whole lot. The 35th anniversary of the Zelda series was heralded early with the announcement of an HD remaster of “Skyward Sword” and the expansion pass for Hyrule Warriors: Time of Devastation. A younger, but also very successful Nintendo series is entering its third round: In Splatoon 3 you will splash your way through Splatsville in 2022.

And then there is Project Triangle Strategy, which combines Final Fantasy Tactics with the great HD2D optics from Octopath Traveler. Mario is drawn back to the golf course while Travis Touchdown finally got an appointment for his third outing. In addition, a new, old mana adventure awaits us (in this country) and the next Smash character is also known.

The Neon White announcement trailer

Images: Neon White, Annapurna Interactive


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