Neos zu Lauda: “Aschbacher has to call a round table”

Sepp Schellhorn criticizes the presence of works councils from competitors.

Neos Member of the National Council, Sepp Schellhorn, sent the urgent request to Minister of Labor Christine Aschbacher (ÖVP) to convene a round table on the Lauda base in Vienna in a press release. The government member would now be asked: “I appeal to the Minister of Labor to quickly provide clarification and to bring everyone involved to a table. The union is also challenged to sit down again at the table in terms of location and workplaces and to find a solution. ”

The opposition politician strongly criticizes the presence of works councils from competitors, particularly Austrian Airlines, in the failed KV negotiations last night and calls for clarification. “It is absurd that an AUA works council was involved in the negotiations between the union and the management of Laudamotion. Why a representative of the competition should be involved in the negotiation of an airline is incomprehensible and highly obscure, ”said Schellhorn. “I am already asking myself whether everyone is really seriously interested in a degree or whether the union is pursuing other goals here. It is not in anyone’s interest, not even that of the union, that 300 jobs and Vienna as a location are endangered. ”


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