Nespresso works with Star Service to offer electric deliveries

Nespresso has announced that it is working with one of its partners, the Star Service delivery company, to offer a greener delivery service to customers of the famous coffee maker. The two companies were already under contract for the delivery and collection of used capsules, and the subcontractor will now deliver orders to customers using electric cars.

Tests carried out during the summer were with Renault Kangoo ZEs used by Star Service, thanks to the strengthening of the company’s charging infrastructure. Its Alfortville site in Val-de-Marne has received several charging stations for the occasion, and Nespresso wants to offer 100% electric deliveries in the long term.

Respect for the environment is a major priority for Nespresso. Thanks to Star Service, we are happy to offer our Parisian customers an eco-responsible transport solution that meets their expectations and that is fully in line with the mobility challenges of large French cities such as Paris. », Declared Stefano Barizza, Director of Operations of Nespresso France.

The two entities have already worked together for six years and now share a common environmental objective. Star Service making deliveries in Île-de-France for Nespresso, the adoption of clean vehicles will be essential in the future, with the transformation of large cities into low-emission zones.

Through a growing fleet of 250 clean, electric and NGV vehicles and the implementation of deliveries in scooters or on foot, we have the means and solutions to meet these concerns. Last year, we made nearly one million own deliveries in France. Our ambition is to offer 100% eco-responsible deliveries to our customers within 3 to 5 years , For his part, said Hervé Street, president of the Star Service group.


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