Nestlé takes over Ankerkraut: influencers and fans are shocked

The takeover of Ankerkraut by Nestlé caused horror in the influencer scene and among fans. The reactions.

Nestlé has acquired a majority stake in Ankerkraut (known from “The Lion’s Den”). This surprising news caused a small tremor in the German influencer scene and among Ankerkraut fans on Wednesday afternoon.

Whether on Twitch, Instagram or Youtube: Many well-known content creators have maintained a partnership with Ankerkraut for a long time. A large number of these influencers now want to end their partnership with Ankerkraut as soon as possible now that Nestlé is on board there.

The German spice manufacturer Ankerkraut, founded in 2013, became more widely known when its founders Anne and Stefan Lemcke appeared in the VOX program “Die Höhle der Löwen” in 2016 and were able to win over the investor Frank Thelen. This boosted the company’s success enormously. At that time, Thelen invested 300,000 euros for 20 percent of the shares. Over the next few years, the value of the company rose to over 100 million euros, also thanks to the clever influencer strategy. Dozens of influencers promoted Ankerkraut in their streams and videos. The shock is all the greater now after the Nestlé takeover: Nestlé is extremely unpopular on Twitch and other social media because of its controversial global activities as a food giant.

And this is how various influencers and fans react to the announcement of the takeover of Ankerkraut by Nestlé:

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