Netflix: Account sharing will soon cost extra & advertising-financed subscription

With two measures, Netflix wants to generate additional income in 2022: advertising-based streaming and extra fees for sharing a Netflix account.

Netflix wants to charge Netflix customers who share their access with other users outside their household earlier than originally planned. The New York Times reports, citing an internal message to Netflix employees.

Originally, Netflix only wanted to earn more from advertising-financed streaming and measures against the sharing of Netflix accounts from next year or the year after. But now Netflix wants to bring this measure forward to the last quarter of 2022. Apparently, the recently presented bad numbers have increased the pressure on Netflix executives to develop new revenue streams.

Specifically, the point is that Netflix users who pass on their access data have to pay more for their subscription. Netflix also wants to generate additional income through an advertising-financed streaming subscription. Netflix wants to orientate itself here on the competition, which would also offer advertising-financed streaming in the USA, for example.

Currently, Netflix is ​​only testing the additional fee for sharing Netflix accounts for users outside the household in a few smaller markets, namely Chile, Costa Rica and Peru. You can read more about this in Little Revolution at Netflix: Account Sharing Outside the Household – For a Surcharge.

However, it is not known whether German customers may also have to expect a price increase. There is currently no information from Netflix on this. In the USA, on the other hand, Netflix had only recently increased the subscription prices: Netflix is ​​now implementing price increases – initially only in the USA.

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