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Netflix casts ‘Captain Marvel’ and ‘No Time To Die’ actress for ‘Matilda’

Netflix is ​​busy producing its new version of Matilda. Roald Dahl’s classic is being cast in a movie for the second time. And for this version, Netflix is ​​harking back to the award-winning Matildamusical that was released ten years ago. The film will include Ralph Fiennes (Harry Potter, Schindler’s List) and Lashana Lynch (Captain Marvel, No Time To Die) can be seen.

It’s been nearly a year since Netflix announced the Matilda would be filming again. Again, because Roald Dahl’s classic had already been released in film form in 1996. That Danny DeVito film, in turn, was the inspiration for an award-winning musical based on the book.

Lashana Lynch

Netflix announced at the beginning of last year that it would film that musical. In contrast to the 1996 film, the new version will therefore involve a lot of singing and dancing. It is currently not yet known when the film will be released. But production is well underway. For example, Netflix has just expanded the casting list.

The newest name on that (currently still very short) list is not the least. According to THR it is about Lashana Lynch, who you may know from, among others Captain Marvel and the future twenty-fifth Bond film No Time To Die. Lynch will be in Matilda play the role of Miss Honey. She is Matilda’s teacher, who eventually adopts her.

Ralph Fiennes

The actress is the second Matildaname that Netflix unleashes on the world. Last June it was announced that none other than Ralph Fiennes will also be seen in the film. The Schindler’s List– and Harry Potteractor will play the male version of Miss Trunchbull (Mrs. Trunchbull) in the musical.


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