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Netflix docuseries History 101 is a successful educational snack

Netflix is ​​the ideal source of entertainment, but you can also go to the popular streaming service if you want to learn something new. The range of documentaries is enormous and the most diverse subjects are discussed. But what if you just want to quickly boost your general knowledge? Then you arrive at History 101.

History 101 appeared on Netflix last week. A documentary series consisting of ten episodes in which a different topic is discussed each time. A regular storyteller will drag you through the history books at high speed. At the end of each episode you know a little more and you especially have a better chance of winning with triviant.

Archive footage, animations and lots of facts

Because that is especially the kind of information that Netflix fires at you in History 101. Who was the first man in space? How many plastic bags are used for a few years? And how many people died in the Chernobyl nuclear disaster? This is where you get thrown to death for just over twenty minutes.

If you describe it that way, it may not sound very appealing. Still, History 101 is quite worthwhile if you are fond of history, facts, facts and figures. The episodes are full of archive footage. For example, a promotional video for the very first microwave. In between these images you will be bombarded with graphs and animations that give this Netflix Original a bit more color.

Lack of depth

In History 101, the numbers are flying around your head. To make this manageable, these are presented to the viewer in a visual and appropriate manner. For example, in the episode about fast food you see a graph where the lines are drawn with ketchup and mustard. This may sound a bit silly, but this makes all facts and figures manageable.

Unfortunately, History 101 lacks the necessary depth. Netflix has kept it all very basic. At the end of each episode, you are much richer information, but you have not really learned anything. These are the things you already know, but with some more information or exact figures. A nice addition, but don’t count on new insights.

History 101 is not for everyone

In addition, not every episode is equally strong. Especially because in some cases people look with colored glasses. The episode about nuclear energy, for example, is more of a promotional film to win souls in the fight against this form of energy. The benefits of nuclear energy, which Arjen Lubach likes to tell you more about, are hardly mentioned.

At the bottom line, History 101 is an entertaining educational snack for anyone who loves facts. If that makes you happy, it is certainly fun to bend through. Especially if you have watched a series like Explained with pleasure, then it is certainly nice to try History 101. But it really has to be your thing. Otherwise you better watch one of the many other documentaries on Netflix.

History 101 on Netflix

History 101 is now available on Netflix and consists of ten episodes that last between 20 and 23 minutes. Are you really looking for a different kind of series? Click here to see what else is new.

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Review: Netflix history series 101 is a successful educational snack


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