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Netflix does not pull off ‘sexualizing’ film, people say Netflix

Despite all the fuss, Netflix remains behind the French film Cuties stand. Numerous viewers called on the film to boycott because it would sexualize children, but according to the streaming service, the makers criticize that. More and more people are also quitting Netflix. “I just told my kids …”

Cuties is about 11-year-old Amy who joins a dance group. The girls do sexually tinted dances and end up in situations they are too young for, scenes that many viewers called child pornography.


After the publication on Wednesday, a petition was started to Cuties from Netflix. On Twitter was the hashtag #CancelNetflix trending. People are now wondering why Netflix doesn’t just pull the movie off.

“Maybe they will if enough people cancel their subscription. I did it today and told them why. I don’t want my money to go to such a sick mess, ”someone writes. Others also say that they have canceled Netflix. “I just told my kids. I was really dreading it, but they understood. So good of them! ””

Social commentary

Netflix does not seem to intend to heed the call. “Cuties is a social commentary against the sexualization of young children, ”a spokesperson for the streaming service said Variety. “It is an award-winning film and a powerful story about the pressures young girls experience from social media and from society as they grow up, and we encourage anyone who cares to watch these important issues.”


Earlier there was also criticism of the poster in which the main characters can be seen with shorts and bare stomach. It was not okay and it was also not representative of this French film that won an award on it Sundance Film Festival. We have updated the images and description, ”Netflix responded at the time.

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Netflix does not take off “sexualizing” film, people say Netflix


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