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Netflix gives Dutch screenwriters a unique opportunity | Entertainment

Possible candidates can register from Tuesday morning via the website After a careful selection process, a maximum of fifteen script writers are selected. They will receive a working grant to develop a script for a feature film in the first months of 2021. The five best scripts will receive a prize; eventually, two of these scripts are considered to be developed into a Netflix Original movie.

It is the first time that Netflix has been looking for movie scripts in this way. “With the New Voices Script Contest, Netflix consciously wants to find new voices who want to tell new stories,” says Janey van Ireland, acquisition manager Benelux. “Not just any stories, but authentic, groundbreaking, socially critical stories that have the potential to appeal to a large audience.”


The streaming service considers it important that everyone can identify with the film and television productions. “Different voices must be given the opportunity to be heard. We know that the greatest stories can come from any part of the world and be embraced all over the world. That is precisely why we are very curious about what Dutch talent will surprise us with. ”

It is sometimes difficult for new screenwriters to get into the picture of producers and broadcasters. “Based on a writing assignment and a film idea, you come into the picture at Netflix without having to fit into a picture in advance,” explains Maarten Almekinders of Scriptbank. “We hope that this will reveal a lot of unknown talent. Ultimately, writers must be able to write a first draft scenario, but they will receive guidance on that.


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