Netflix introduces double thumb rating – that’s what’s new

On Netflix, users can now rate content they particularly like with a double thumb. That’s behind it.

Netflix is ​​improving its content rating system with the introduction of a new rating tier. “Thumbs up” for “Like” and “Thumbs down” for “Not for me” is joined by a double thumb for the rating “Great!” added. This looks like this:

Double thumb rating in Netflix

The update makes sense because it helps improve the Netflix recommendation algorithm. So far, users can use a “thumbs down” to signal to the algorithm that they did not like the content and therefore no longer want similar content recommended.

Thumbs up or double thumbs up – the difference

When it came to “thumbs up”, however, users were often faced with a dilemma: the content viewed was not bad and they liked the genre. But there is also content from the genre, with actors, scriptwriters and directors that the user likes better. So how to rate?

The “double thumbs” rating solves this dilemma and helps the Netflix algorithm to identify more precisely which content suits the user’s taste better. With a simple thumb, the user signals to the Netflix algorithm that he likes the genre. With a “double thumb”, however, Netflix also learns that the user particularly likes a film or series and wants to see more from the creators and the actors.

“Consider double thumbs up as a way to refine your recommendations to see even more shows or movies influenced by what you love,” explains Christine Doig-Cardet (Netflix Director of Product Innovation) in this Netflix blog post. And adds:

A “thumbs up” still lets us know what you liked, and we use that response to make similar recommendations. However, a double thumb shows us what you particularly liked and helps us to be even more specific about your recommendations. For example, if you loved Bridgerton, you can watch more series or movies starring or from Shondaland.

Reading tip: We’ve been waiting for this Netflix innovation for a long time

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