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Netflix is ​​going to tackle account sharers (and is doing so)

Netflix has grown tremendously in recent years, but the competition is on the heels of the company. Disney + in particular has started a walk-in race against all odds. The streaming service already has more subscribers than even the most optimistic big shots expected for 2024.

This allows Disney to invest even more in new content. Good news for consumers, but Netflix is ​​on edge. The company has more than 200 million subscribers worldwide, double that of Disney +. But how do you keep growing after so many years? At some point, you would say that the stretch will run out.

Share Netflix account? Beware!

The answer: earn more from your current subscribers. Netflix has done that in recent years by regularly raising its prices, but there is one more way. Practically everyone shares their Netflix account with others. Officially that is only allowed with your household, but we all know accounts that are shared with aunts, neighbors, friends and, so to speak, your grandmother’s dog.

In addition to some comments in interviews, Netflix has always turned a blind eye to those practices until now. However, that may change this year. The company is testing a new feature that prevents account sharing.

Netflix is ​​doing a test

“This test is designed to ensure that people who use Netflix accounts are authorized to do so,” a company spokesperson told The Verge. If Netflix detects someone trying to use the account without being an account owner, they will be prompted to verify or verify later that they are an account owner via an email code or text message code.

If you do not perform that verification within a certain time, you will no longer be able to stream films or series. Instead, Netflix will ask you to create a new account yourself. Which, of course, you have to pay for yourself.

But what is a household?

See, this will not completely eliminate unauthorized account sharing. You can still send the verification code to your friends who live 20 kilometers away. But you already know that many users will find this annoying. Imagine when you finally have the time to watch a movie, but you have to verify and the owner of the account is in the shower and cannot be reached.

Plus, it will be tough for Netflix to determine exactly who is rightly using an account and who is not. Because what is a household? Netflix’s terms of use state that you cannot share accounts with people outside of your own household. But is that about a physical household, people who live in one place? If you have just moved out and are moving elsewhere, can you still share your account with your parents?

There are a lot of question marks.

Times change

For the time being, it will therefore remain a test, but it should be clear that after all these years Netflix is ​​becoming a lot more concrete in combating account sharing. An attitude that is in stark contrast to what CEO Richard Hastings said in 2016: “Sharing passwords is something you have to learn to live with. There is also so much legitimate password sharing. For example with your partner, your children. There is no clear boundary, and we are doing fine at the moment as we are now. ”

But then, Netflix could also grow explosively with illegally shared accounts, and Disney + and HBO Max did not exist yet. Analysts of Parks Associates estimate that password sharing and piracy costs companies in the streaming business alone about $ 9 billion. It seems that such practices have not left Netflix in the cold again.

To be continued!

Netflix is ​​also going to cancel series and films again. Which those are? You can read that here.

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The time has come: Netflix is ​​going to tackle account sharers (and is doing it this way)


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