Netflix is ​​raising prices in Germany

Netflix will release at least one movie every week in 2021.

It was foreseeable: After price increases in Austria and Great Britain, the monthly prices for Netflix are now also rising in Germany.

Unfortunately, that had become apparent: the price increase in the UK was also only made official this month. Last year again, prices in the USA were increased significantly. And Austria was already affected. But first the good news: The basic tariff, which only offers SD resolution, remains the same price – at 7.99 euros.

The standard level with HD resolution is already becoming more expensive. This allows up to two parallel streams. Here the price rises from 11.99 to 12.99 euros – that is, by one euro. The price screw is tightened a little more clearly in the premium range. That includes 4K and HDR. In the future, subscribers will shell out EUR 17.99 instead of EUR 15.99 per month. The price increase affects both new and existing customers. The latter are now being informed step by step by email. The new price should therefore apply from February 2021.

Why is the price rising? Netflix makes the usual arguments: They deliver great content and the costs of in-house productions have increased. The streaming provider recently confirmed that at least one new film will be added to the range every week in 2021. Now one draws the consequence.

Netflix is ​​getting more expensive: will you stay with the provider?

Now the question arises for you: are you going to participate in the price increase? Or is that a reason for you to cancel your subscription? Netflix is ​​relatively expensive among the streaming providers. Disney + also increases the prices (8.99 euros per month or 89.99 euros as an annual amount) but is still cheaper than Netflix. Amazon Prime Video costs 69.99 euros a year. Netflix is ​​also under pressure, as many film studios are gradually moving their content to their own streaming services such as HBO Max.

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