Netflix is ​​raising prices in Great Britain – is Germany coming soon?

Netflix is ​​currently increasing prices in the UK

Netflix is ​​raising streaming subscription prices in the UK. It may be Germany’s turn soon.

In October 2020, Netflix raised prices in the US. Now the threat is approaching, so to speak, because Great Britain has also been targeted. Only the price of the basic subscription remains the same there. It’s still at £ 5.99 a month. However, that level only offers modest SD quality.

The situation is different with the levels “Standard” (HD) and Premium (4K, HDR). While Netflix is ​​raising the monthly price for Standard to 9.99 pounds in February 2021, the contemporary premium level will from now on charge 13.99 pounds per month. Previously, prices were £ 8.99 and £ 11.99 a month, respectively. As a reason for the price increases, Netflix cites that improvements in the service itself and investments in new content result in higher prices.

The move by Netflix in the United Kingdom has already received criticism. There is currently a comprehensive lockdown there too. That naturally draws people to streaming providers as they have to stay at home. Thus, it is criticized that Netflix chose a very unfavorable time for the price increase. Again, from a Netflix perspective, the increase makes sense.

Although the streaming provider received massive numbers during the Corona crisis, that does not necessarily mean that profits would now increase immensely. Because even existing customers use the offer more intensively. However, streaming providers such as Netflix prefer users who subscribe to and pay for the service, but use it little or in moderation. Because the more intensively the service is used, the higher the operating costs for Netflix.

Will the price increase in Germany come soon?

Times are getting tougher for Netflix: Disney has established its own platform with Disney + and is known to have withdrawn its content from Netflix. However, Disney + will soon also be significantly more expensive – the price will rise to 89.99 euros per year or 8.99 euros per month. Still, Disney + is way below the price of Netflix. Amazon Prime Video is also available at 69 euros. B. cheaper than Netflix.

However, Netflix seems to be of the opinion that price and performance go together in their own offer. However, it will be exciting in the future when HBO Max and Peacock may also start wider in Europe. Will you stay with Netflix if the price goes up?


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