Netflix is ​​taking action against account sharing

Netflix will release at least one movie every week in 2021.
Netflix will release at least one movie every week in 2021.

Netflix is ​​currently tackling the first users who share their account with others. Free riders receive a message to encourage them to set up their own accounts.

Anyone who receives the message can no longer access the Netflix account shared with someone and can only request a confirmation email or SMS. This means that the account creator will of course keep his access, all others who use the account will look into the tube. Of course, only those who share their account with people who do not live in the same household are expressly affected.

Account sharing in families and flat shares in the same place of residence is still desired by Netflix. Sharing accounts with other users who do not live in the same household has always been prohibited. However, it has so far been tacitly tolerated by Netflix. That could change now, should Netflix take more extensive action against account sharing. So far, one has probably not yet “warned” everyone, but only some users.

Netflix is ​​currently one of the most expensive streaming providers: the premium subscription with 4K and HDR costs 17.99 euros per month. You can already subscribe to Disney + and Amazon Prime Video, both of which are significantly cheaper. Netflix justifies the price with its content offering. We assume that many users will still be able to share their account and thus the costs with friends. That could soon be more difficult.

Netflix’s approach remains a bit nebulous

It is currently unclear how exactly Netflix wants to determine whether the devices are in the same household. There are several options, the simplest would be via the IP address. Only US users are currently being checked. But it is only a matter of time before the streaming provider will act more aggressively against sharing accounts and passwords. However, the question remains how many of the users who currently share the price will then keep a Netflix account alone.


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