Netflix is ​​testing a new system to prevent people from sharing their account

Netflix finally seems to want to compete with people who use their services without paying for them. These are people who use someone else’s password to watch their favorite series and movies. A new system should help curb that use.

At the beginning of this year, Netflix passed the 200 million subscriber mark. In practice, however, there are many more people who use the streaming service. Research shows that more than half of Netflix subscribers share their password with at least one someone else.

This practice costs Netflix billions every year, although the streaming service has not shown itself to be an opponent until now. They assume that many people who get to know Netflix through someone else’s account will later take out a subscription themselves. Internal data would even confirm that.


Yet Netflix now seems to compete with people who use someone else’s account without paying. The GammaWire website found that some users were shown an unexpected message. If Netflix detects someone trying to use an account without being an account owner, they will be asked to verify that they are an account owner via an email or text code. If they don’t do so within a certain amount of time, they will no longer be able to stream and will be asked to create an account themselves.

Netflix response

“This test is designed to ensure that people using Netflix accounts have permission to do so,” a spokesperson explained to The Verge. So it seems that Netflix mainly focuses on people who use the password of someone who is not aware of it, such as an ex. Anyone who knowingly shares a password with someone can simply give the requested verification code to that person.

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