Netflix is ​​now implementing price increases – initially only in the USA

Netflix is ​​implementing its recently announced price increase. German customers do not seem to be affected at the moment.

Netflix is ​​implementing its previously announced price increase in the US now and in the coming weeks, IT news site The Verge reports. In the US, customers now pay $9.99 for Netflix Basic (one receiver and no HD resolution). Before the price increase, it was $8.99. By 2019, Netflix was charging $8 for it.

Netflix Standard (two receivers and HD resolution) now costs $15.49. Previously, the price was $13.99. Unlike Netflix Basic, Netflix Standard has been increased several times over the same period.

Netflix Premium (four receivers and 4K resolution) now even costs $19.99 – that’s the equivalent of around €18.13. Before the recent price increase, Netflix was charging $17.99 for its premium subscription. There have also been several price increases for Netflix Premium in the past, as The Verge shows here in a graphic.

Netflix tries to justify the price increase, among other things, that it would offer more and more content.

The situation in Germany

For Germany, there is still no information about a planned price increase. The last price increase in Germany was some time ago. Netflix Basic currently costs €7.99 in Germany. For Netflix Standard you have to pay 12.99 euros and for Netflix Premium 17.99 euros. The prices applicable for Germany can be found here. In Ireland, on the other hand, customers even have to pay almost 21 euros for Netflix Premium.

Netflix is ​​currently testing another way of generating additional income in a few selected countries: through a modified subscription sharing model. Read more about this in

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There are also rumors about an ad-financed subscription: Netflix – cheaper ad-financed subscription possible.

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