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Netflix launches trailer romcom Just Say Yes with Yolanthe

Anything with a proposal on a horse is worth watching! With those words, Netflix today launched the trailer of an unadulterated Dutch romcom. With Yolanthe Cabau.

Yolanthe stars in Just Say Yes, for which a whole star parade has been attracted. Jim Bakkum is participating, Noortje Herlaar, Nienke Plas. And also Kim-Lian van der Meij, Juvat Westendorp, Josylvio and Pip Pellens. And what about smartlappen singer Tino Martin? He’s making his debut. Westendorp and Bakkum previously played together in Our Boys in Miami. Subway the former spoke of this.

Watching Yolanthe at home on the couch

Going to the cinema is not yet an option due to the corona measures. Just Say Yes would be a welcome trigger for all those desolately closed theaters. Entire groups of friends would have gone to the cinema with or without tissues for crying and laughing for Yolanthe and all those others. Netflix offers a solution. The Dutch film will be available on the streaming service from April 2. So invite your friends, if that should be possible again, to your own couch.

This is the just released trailer:

Yolanthe and her ideal wedding

Yolanthe Cabau has been working on creating the ideal wedding all her life. We are not talking about her ex-Jan Smit and Wesley Sneijder, but about her character Lotte. She has prepared everything from the script to a beautiful wedding location. Even her beloved grandmother’s old wedding dress has been pulled out of the closet for the big day. But then her fiancé Alex (Juvat Westendorp) suddenly blows up the wedding last minute off. Extra painful since Lotte and her ex work together at the same company. She is forced to move in with her self-centered sister Estelle (Noortje Herlaar), who unexpectedly announces her engagement to Lotte’s Boss John (Edwin Jonker) and hijacks her entire wedding plans.

Just Say Yes… to her sister

To top it all off, Lotte also has to organize her sister’s bachelorette party, while she only wants one thing: fight for Alex and save her own wedding. She is helped in this by her irritating but charismatic colleague Chris (Jim Bakkum). He takes Lotte out of her comfort zone and ensures that she is fully blooming again. The bachelor party gets terribly out of hand and ensures that the new friendship is put on edge. How that ends? We see that here on April 2.

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Netflix launches trailer romcom Just Say Yes with Yolanthe


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