Netflix N-Plus: Streaming provider thinks about integrating podcasts and more

Netflix is ​​thinking about new features again
Netflix is ​​thinking about new features again

Netflix is ​​thinking about innovations: For example, some customers are asked about their position on “a future online area” called N-Plus.

But what could N-Plus offer subscribers? Well, according to the survey, these would be things that have not yet been found on Netflix. The streaming provider cites access to podcasts, user-generated playlists for films and series or how-tos as examples. From our point of view, the user-generated playlists would be exciting: Subscribers could then, for example, throw lists of recommendations at each other.

Playlists for the best thrillers, the funniest B-movies or the most popular Netflix Originals are conceivable. Such offers are already standard with music streaming providers like Spotify. So why shouldn’t this work from streaming video? It would definitely encourage networking among users. However, many questions about N-Plus currently remain unanswered.

In the end, N-Plus could be a public, separate hub that is available to everyone. A closed platform that is only aimed at subscribers would also be conceivable. For example, the notes on the playlists mention that they could be shared publicly. But if you don’t have a Netflix subscription, you would only see the trailers for the individual films / series in the playlists.

Music with a bigger role on Netflix?

It would even be conceivable to include music. Because the survey also asked whether it would be desirable for N-Plus to list all pieces of music in a film or series. Then the users could also create playlists here. Could Netflix perhaps even cooperate with another streaming provider such as Spotify? One goes even further and suggests the fans’ possibilities of influencing films and series.

The fans could then contribute their wishes and ideas via N-Plus, which could possibly be taken into account. It might also be possible to post user reviews there. However, we have to point out that N-Plus is currently just a concept. Whether or not Netflix will actually tackle this project in the end remains to be seen.


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