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Netflix shares trailer of the movie ‘Mosul’ about the war against ISIS

Netflix has released an impressive new trailer for Mosul, an upcoming film about an elite Iraqi army corps trying to liberate the city from ISIS. This true story can be seen on Netflix at the end of November.

The film Mosul drew inspiration from an article from the New Yorker. That tells the story of the struggle to expel ISIS from the Iraqi city of Mosul after it has been taken by ISIS. We follow the Iraqi Army SWAT team who free the inexperienced Iraqi police officer Kawa (played by Adam Bessa). After that, Kawa is immediately called in by Major Jasem (played by Suhail Dabbach) to help fight ISIS.

“This true story captures the resilience of the human mind when faced with seemingly unbeatable circumstances. At its core, it celebrates the group of soldiers who worked together to protect their home. We are excited to partner with Netflix to bring this inspiring story to the world, ”say the Russo brothers (of Avengers– and Captain Americamovies), who are producers of the Mosul.

Arab actors

The film is the directorial debut of Matthew Michael Carnahan. He also wrote the screenplay, something that he did in the past for, among others world War Z, 21 Bridges and Dark Waters.

In addition, a lot of Iraqis also participate in the film, led by the Dutch-Iraqi executive producer Mohammed al-Darraji. All actors also have an Arabic background to bring the story of Mosul as realistic as possible. For safety reasons, the crew was forced to flee to Morocco for the recordings.

Mosul can be seen on Netflix from November 26


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