Netflix subscription with ads: These films remain ad-free

The upcoming Netflix subscription with advertising will also have ad-free content. Namely this one.

New information is constantly leaking out about the planned Netflix subscription with advertising. According to the advertising-supported Netflix subscription, there should also be content without advertising, as reported by The Verge, citing Bloomberg. New Netflix originals should be free of commercial breaks and certain children’s programs should also be free of advertising. Bloomberg claims to have learned this from well-informed sources.

The Originals should always be ad-free when first broadcast. Later, these originals will also contain advertising. Netflix wants to allay concerns from filmmakers who fear the ad could interfere with their work. It is not yet known how long this ad-free period will last from when the original is first made available.

The commercial-free children’s programs are said to be Netflix originals and productions by external studios. Sometimes there are also bans on the part of the producing studios from showing advertising during the broadcast. However, Netflix could circumvent this a little by showing the advertising before or after the show.

According to Bloomberg, some of the content licenses Netflix currently has may not cover the airing of a specific movie or series with advertising. As a result, Netflix could end up paying between 10 percent and 15 percent “of the current value of the contracts to secure the rights,” according to The Verge. Netflix has not commented on this to The Verge.

Netflix plans to launch its paid subscription with ads in early 2023. But initially only in a few selected markets; Netflix has not yet revealed which countries these will be. This advertising-supported subscription model is said to be cheaper than the advertising-free subscription variants, but probably does not allow downloads. You can read everything that is known about it in Netflix subscription with advertising: There is this disadvantage.

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