Netflix: This is how much the advertising subscription could cost

Netflix plans to launch an ad-supported subscription later this year. The monthly price could be anywhere from $7 to $9.

Netflix wants to introduce a cheaper subscription in some countries this year, which will be financed by advertisements. According to a report by Bloomberg news agency, the monthly cost of this new subscription could be $7 to $9. Depending on which subscription they’re on, that could save some Netflix subscribers anywhere from $2 to $12 a month. In the US, Netflix currently offers subscriptions for $9.99, $15.49, and $19.99.

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Reductions in the advertising subscription

In order to save on the monthly subscription fee, users have to make some compromises. According to the assumptions, it will not be possible to download series and films to watch offline. The subscription may also be missing some content that is available in the other subscriptions. Netflix also plans to display an average of four minutes of ads per hour, according to Bloomberg. This should be placed at the beginning and in the middle of series and films. However, we do not want ads to appear on content for children and Netflix original films.

Netflix has yet to confirm any details

Netflix did not want to confirm the details from the Bloomberg report to the IT magazine The Verge. The article contains only “speculation”, according to Netflix. The reason for the introduction of the Webe subscription is the fact that Netflix had to record a decline in subscribers for the first time this year. With the cheaper subscription option, new potential customers should be enthusiastic about the streaming service. However, it remains to be seen whether this plan will work.

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