Netflix: Users have been waiting for this new feature

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For some time now, Netflix has been offering its users the option of downloading selected films, series and stand-up specials to portable devices such as tablets and smartphones so that they can enjoy the content far away from the Internet. Before a long journey, parents can load their children into series of animated series on tablets and then entertain them from the back of their headrests in the car without having to pay attention to the traffic. The function is also very popular on long flights or train journeys, because “onboard entertainment” often leaves a lot to be desired.

So far so good. But so far it has always happened that a film has not been completely downloaded, for example because the Internet speed of the airport WLAN was not sufficient. The end result was not that you could only watch the film to the point where it was downloaded – you couldn’t start it. That should change now.

New Netflix function: view unfinished downloads

As the tech portal “Caschys Blog” reports, there are indications that this function is now coming. Netflix itself has not officially announced anything yet, but the code of the Android version 7.58.0 of the app contains corresponding information. It is still unclear when the function will be activated.

It is also uncertain whether only Android users will then benefit or whether Apple users can also view unfinished downloads. So far, however, Netflix has not treated individual platforms and operating systems differently. It is therefore likely that soon all users of the app, regardless of their end device, will be able to use the function.

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