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Netflix will solve ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’ for free on YouTube for 48 hours

Good news for those who don’t have a subscription to Netflix and yet The Trial of the Chigaco 7 want to view. Because to “honor the brave patriots” the streaming service dropped the film on YouTube for 48 hours. Anyone who wants to can watch the film for free until 9am on Sunday morning.

The Trial of the Chicago 7 takes place more than 50 years ago. But the film could actually also be about last year perfectly. This is because the central issue is the problems surrounding police violence and injustice in the American legal system.

The Trial of the Chicago 7

As the title suggests, the film is about a group of seven people who are on trial for protesting the Vietnam War. The protesters were active in 1968. A year later they had to appear in court.

Director Aaron Sorkin now, more than 50 years later, wants to honor the group. The patriots have made history. Plus, they were the inspiration for the movie (obviously), but have continued to inspire the whole world.

Free on YouTube

To the actions of the “Chicago 7And to continue inspiring them for generations, Netflix has made a striking choice. The streaming service has put the film completely on YouTube. And anyone who does not have a subscription (and is not a Netflix parasite) can watch it for free until 9am on Sunday morning.

The choice for February 18 is no coincidence. That is the date on which the decision in the case was made in 1970.

Promising award season

The Trial of the Chicago 7 is at the start of a promising award season. The film has been nominated for no less than six Critics Choice Awards. At the Golden Globes he did a little less well, with five nominations. The film also has a chance to win three SAG Awards.

The nominations for the Oscars have not yet been announced. But according to critics The Trial of the Chicago 7 a big contender for a (few) award (s).

The Trial of the Chicago 7 can be found temporarily on YouTube. The film has been on Netflix since last October. Looking for something else? These are the 50 best series on Netflix!


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