Netflix: You probably don’t know these hidden functions yet

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Despite growing competition from Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV Plus, the popularity of Netflix continues unabated.

Almost 200 million people use the service worldwide – and these are only the paying customers, because many user accounts are shared with friends and family members.

However, not all functions of the streaming service are immediately apparent. collects the best tips and tricks.

With in-house productions such as “House of Cards”, “Orange is the new Black”, “Stranger Things” and “The Crown”, countless licensed series and films and a skilful marketing strategy, the former DVD distributor Netflix has been claiming the throne of streaming services for years. And that despite growing competition from platforms such as Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus and Amazon Prime Video. The great competition pleases the customers, because in order to win their favor for their own streaming service, the providers outdo each other with top-class films and series.

While local customers are only getting to know the platforms and offers of the fairly young providers Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus, the operation of Netflix has already passed into the blood of many and is very intuitive. It is sometimes not noticeable that Netflix now and then takes on functions that can be useful. has selected the best of them for you.

You can currently see these ten classic films on Netflix.

Netflix: Clean up the “Keep Watching” list

One of the most useful and annoying functions at the same time is the bar of films and series that you started but didn’t finish. Netflix gathers them in the “look ahead” tab to save you annoying fast-forwarding. But even if you cancel a film after only three minutes because you simply don’t want to see it anymore, it will end up in the list – and will be presented to you every time you click through the Netflix range and scroll.

For a long time, Netflix users simply had to accept this, but recently there has been an option to remove individual titles from this list. On the iPhone or Android smartphone, three points now appear in the list below the individual films and series. Click on it and the option “Remove from row” appears.

The disadvantage: the function does not seem to work on all end devices, for example the points do not appear on the PC (yet).

Netflix: Suggest Movies and TV Shows

Netflix offers its users a seemingly endless range of films and series that a normal person would not be able to watch in full – also because the range is constantly changing. Nevertheless, of course, not all the content you want is available. If you want to watch a certain series from the youth again or a classic from the golden era of Hollywood, you often look into the tube. But there is also a remedy here, albeit with no guarantee of success.

In the Netflix settings is on the so-called help center. In this you can select the option “Suggest series or films” under the “Quick Links”. Here you can submit three suggestions and then keep your fingers crossed that Netflix will follow your wishes – if so, you will receive an email.

Netflix: keep track of duck watchers

Netflix actually prohibits sharing the account with people outside of your home. However, that doesn’t stop millions of users from doing it anyway, so sharing the cost of the subscription. Anyone who has ever shared their account data with a family of several, with former flatmates or (ex-) partners quickly loses the overview.

To bring a little order back in, you as the account holder can simply log out of all registered devices and change your password. Then let everyone with whom you really want to share your Netflix subscription know the new password and voilà – the overview is restored.



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