Network test 2022: O2 has the best mobile phone tariffs

When deciding on a new mobile phone contract, it’s not just about the network expansion and the services offered. Equally important is the price/performance ratio. In the connect magazine’s tariff check, O2 scored five times “very good” and four test wins brilliantly.

For years, the connect mobile network test has been the industry benchmark par excellence and a good orientation for customers. Which provider offers its customers the best mobile network? How good is the availability throughout Germany? What about the actual speed in urban centers and in rural areas? The result of O2/Telefónica is impressive.” Once again, Telefónica has made a big leap forward compared to the previous year, is getting closer to the competition and has achieved its best result to date. O2 is making gains in the voice and crowd disciplines, but the picture is mixed in the data tests: significant increases in the cities, but pent-up demand in the countryside. This also applies to the 5G expansion, which is already exemplary in the big cities.”

Popular O2 tariff: O2 Free M with 20 gigabytes for 29.99 euros

The big tariff check: O2 wins four out of five disciplines

The tariff check, which compared the offers of the mobile phone providers, goes one step further. Because not every offer that appears attractive at first glance is suitable for every user. For this reason, connect has divided the tariffs into five categories: “Infrequent users”, “Normal users”, “Frequent users” and “Power users” as well as “Flat rate tariffs”. In addition to the tariff, the voice and data network, crowdsourcing, the hotline, the shops and the app were assessed.

In the first four disciplines, O2/Telefónica leaves the competition from Telekom and Vodafone behind and achieves a “very good” with the highest score in each case.

Winner Fares:

In the flat-rate tariffs, O2 was just beaten with “O2 Free Unlimited Max”, but it also scored “very good” here and was the only provider to achieve the maximum number of 50 points in the “Tarif” section.

To the tariff “O2 Free Unlimited Max”

An overview of the current mobile phone tariffs from O2 can be found here.

Mobile phone offers: Secure top deals from O2 and save

Even with the combination

Mobile phone tariff and smartphone

can convince O2. You can choose from a variety of devices in different price and performance classes – including, of course, the models from Apple and Samsung at attractive prices and with great freebies.

And O2 also has a special offer for series junkies: if you book O2 TV with over 90 TV channels in HD, you get one

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also. Watch exclusive series and blockbusters on TV, laptop, computer, tablet and smartphone – on up to four devices at the same time!

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