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Never try on pants again with this handy tip

Well, we don’t like trying on pants. First wait in a busy queue, then in an overexposed (and just a bit too small) changing room to change. And every size is different! Too tight at the waist and too wide at the buttocks, just a little too short, or way too small. Sizes really vary when it comes to pants, so you really can’t do without trying on.

You can buy pants and try them on at home at your leisure, but chances are they will not fit. Then you also have to go back to the store to return it. And what if you are shopping at a (vintage) market? Exactly.

With this tip you never have to fit again

So there is a very easy trick! If the waistband of the pants in question fits around your neck, then try it on. So grab the pants that you don’t feel like trying on (or can’t fit). Grab the ends and drape the pants around your neck. Do the ends meet? Then you try it! Is there a gap or do they overlap? Then it is too small or too big.

It may look a bit crazy and it will certainly make some people look crazy. But once they know what you are actually doing, they know better.

And that’s how you check your t-shirt

Unfortunately, this trick doesn’t work for everything. But there is a tip for your t-shirt or sweater. When you are wearing a sweater, the seam should fall exactly on the shoulder, then it fits well with you. If you want to see if the shirt fits without actually putting it on, the seam should fall just over the shoulder.

Do you want to find out quickly if a t-shirt fits? Then put the t-shirt on your shoulder and see where the seam goes. The shirt will sit differently when you are wearing it. So in this case the seam may fall slightly over your shoulder if you just ‘fit’ it.

The only downside to this is, this does not work with all models, only models with a standard sleeve attachment. Don’t feel like diving into the fitting room? Or are you shopping in the thrift store? Then put on a spaghetti top before you go, so you can easily take off your sweater to try on something.

One last tip

One last tip for when you don’t feel like trying, or don’t have the opportunity to pass. While shopping, you should already be wearing clothes. This clothing fits, is comfortable so we can say: the sizes are good.

If you see a top or pants or sweater that you would like, hold it against your body and try to place the side seams of the pants or sweater on the seams of the clothing you are wearing. This way you quickly find out whether something saves centimeters. Good luck!


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