New 4K OLED TVs with brighter displays

NEW: LG OLED evo with improved brightness (max 1,000 nits)

The new 4K OLED televisions from LG Electronics with increased brightness are probably hiding behind the name “LG OLED evo”. We expect an official announcement in the next few days at CES 2021.

From the rumor mill to the dining table! Since the elimination of the polarization filter layer in 2017 (2016 OLED TVs still support 3D), which resulted in an increased brightness of the OLED displays, there have actually been no significant changes / improvements in LG’s self-illuminating, organic displays. Means maximum brightness, black level, color space and color volume remained the same. The differences were mostly only due to the different integrations and controls of the delivered OLED panels (e.g. increased brightness of the Panasonic Professional Edition OLED TVs). In 2021, LG Electronics should make improvements again for the first time. The new devices with the improved displays will therefore be called “LG OLED evo”.

LG OLED evo with 1,000 nits?

We take appropriate information from the international brand and product database, in which the term “LG OLED evo” registered under the Nice Classification 9 (including TV sets and displays). “Evo” will be an abbreviation for “Evolution”. In the past few weeks, rumors have intensified after new ones “Premium OLEDs” with increased brightness (up to 1,000 nits) and should even give a new size for the 4K models. An 83 incher is supposed to meet the demand for ever larger televisions – certainly at a horrendous price.

‘Vanta Black’ & ‘Sapphire Black’

In parallel, LG Display has the terms “Vanta Black” and “Sapphire Black” protected, also in the Nice category 9. We will probably only find out in the next few days whether this is just another marketing term for the excellent black level of the OLED displays, or whether it is a further improvement . Incidentally, “Vanta Black” is derived from the material of the same name, which “swallows” 99.96% of the incident light. Perhaps the engineers at LG Display succeeded in further improving the near-black display of the OLED screens? Or has LG finally got the problem of reflections under control?

We are definitely looking forward to the new OLED models from LG and are excited to see what verifiable improvements the “Premium OLEDs” will bring with them. Detailed information in the next few days and in our CES 2021 special.


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