New AirPods would get light sensors to monitor your health

New AirPods would get light sensors to monitor your health – newsmonkey

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Apple seems to plan to build light sensors in one of the next versions of the AirPods. Those sensors could then be used for health monitoring such as measuring your heart rate or other things.

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In the news: According to the website DigiTimes, Apple would like to build light sensors in a future version of the AirPods in the future. That way, the wireless earphones can be used to monitor your health.

  • It is not known which AirPods are involved. The website speaks of “a next generation in the next one to two years“.
  • According to the latest rumors, Apple would already release a new version of AirPods next month, but there is little chance that they will already be equipped with those new light sensors.

What exactly is it about? The DigiTimes information comes from ASE Technology. Apple has asked them to produce Ambient Light Sensors (ALS) for future AirPods.

  • It is important to mention that the report nowhere explicitly states that the purpose of those light sensors is to do health monitoring.
  • So there is a chance that its function is something completely different. For example, it could be that the light sensors serve to make the AirPod automatically pause when you take it out of your ear.
  • Still, it doesn’t make sense to think that Apple will have more in the future healthfunctions to add to the AirPods. The company has been focusing on this for some time.

Apple Health: The health craze of many people has for some time caused Apple to focus more and more on that. CEO Tim Cook even called that focus “Apple’s greatest contribution to humanity.”

  • The health tool of choice at Apple is currently the Apple Watch. It already tracks a lot of functions and seems to get new extra functions in the future, such as measuring the oxygen level in your blood.
  • Apple also wants to be a long time Health application increasingly important. However, that app only functions if it gets a lot of data from the user.
  • Building health monitoring into a future generation of AirPods would therefore be a logical next step.

What can such light sensors measure? Of course, what Apple is planning with those Ambient Light Sensors is speculation. But there are already many possibilities.

  • Measure body temperature.
  • Measure heart rate.
  • Track how much fluid you lose by sweating.
  • Measure oxygen saturation in your blood.
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