New Aldi offers: This week’s best deals

The Aldi online shop is again full of new offers, including some for technology enthusiasts. Projectors, 3D printers, vacuum cleaners and more.

This week there are again new offers in the Aldi online shop, including tech gadgets for the home and even two 3D printers. We have selected the best deals for you.

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Vacuum and floor mopping robot DEEBOT U2 Pro

Aldi is selling the vacuum and floor mopping robot DEEBOT U2 Pro for a low price of 169 euros until August 21. That’s 100 euros less than the RRP of 269 euros. The robot offers different modes, supports app control and does vacuuming and wiping in one go. It is also compatible with smart home systems such as Alexa and Google Home. The 3,200 mAH battery provides an operating time of around 150 minutes. A special set is also included for pet owners with their own brush, large dust container and filter.

Vacuum and floor mopping robot DEEBOT U2 Pro for 169 euros in the Aldi online shop

Infrared wall heater from Marmony

Marmony’s infrared wall heater is a different way of heating your own four walls. The natural stone is attached to the wall and offers up to 800 watts of power. The special thing about this heating method is that the air humidity remains constant thanks to infrared. This makes the heating module ideal for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. The control runs via a wireless thermostat, which also offers a whole range of functions. For example weekly, monthly or holiday settings. The price is 259 euros, 190 euros less than the RRP of 449 euros.

Infrared wall heater from Marmony for 259 euros in the Aldi online shop

Two Bresser 3D printers

Yes, you read that correctly, Aldi is selling two Bresser 3D printers until August 21. A particularly cheap model for 179 euros instead of 299 euros RRP, and a more expensive model for 349 euros instead of the original RRP of 489 euros.

The 3D printer Raptor for 179 euros prints models up to a size of 100x105x100 millimeters. Files can be fed in via USB or an included SD card. The progress can be tracked via WiFi, app or the built-in LC display.

The more expensive model for 349 euros prints models up to a size of 150x150x150 millimeters. Compatible with USB, Wi-Fi or cloud, it offers three viewing windows through which you can monitor the progress. A HEPA filter is responsible for filtering out harmful particles in the air. A camera is also installed so that you can monitor the print from afar.

3D printer Raptor from Bresser for 179 euros in the Aldi online shop

3D printer from Bresser for 349 euros in the Aldi online shop

Phillips NeoPix Prime 2 HD projector

There was a time when a projector for the home was still an extremely expensive purchase. But there are now many cheap and compact models such as the NeoPix Prime 2 from Phillips. The projector is on sale in the Aldi online shop until August 28 and costs only 149 euros instead of an RRP of 209 euros. It offers a resolution of 720p, i.e. 1280×720 pixels. Many apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube are already integrated into the software. The projector comes in a compact format and weighs only 1.2 kg, so it is quite portable. Aldi does not provide any information about the light intensity, in other shops it is listed with 180 ANSI lumens. The projector offers the usual connections such as HDMI and USB, and the device also supports WLAN and Bluetooth.

HD projector NeoPix Prime 2 from Phillips for 149 euros in the Aldi online shop

Medion gaming PCs with RTX graphics card

In addition, several PCs from Medion have been available from Aldi since last Thursday. A colleague took a close look at the configurations:

Two new Aldi PCs for gamers in the PC WORLD check

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