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The highlights of the BIKE BILD 4/2022 issue

• City cruiser: e-city bikes with inconspicuous rear engines are in fashion. We test current models

• Flammable: How easy to ignite e-bike batteries?

• Driving Reports: Current E-bikes and bicycles in the test. Plus: the new Bosch ABS in the everyday check

• Having better than needing: 8 saddlebags for carrying tools and repair materials in comparison

BIKE BILD AWARD 2022: You have chosen! These are the best e-bikes of the year

• Safe future: Tony Martin is one of the most successful German cyclists. We visited him

• Trendsetters: This functional outfits bring you stylishly through the autumn and winter

• Sometimes heaven, sometimes hell: BIKE BILD editor-in-chief Mathias Müller reports on that MTB race Tour Divide

• Panorama everywhere: The most beautiful tours for e-bikers and cyclists at Zell am See in the Salzburg region

• With Bike & train: Our authors travel with folding bikes and Interrail tickets to southern Europe

More exciting topics

news: The successful Eurobike premiere in Frankfurt am Main, Bootcamp Bike supports lateral entry, Anna van der Breggen talks about women’s cycling, e-bike subscription from Riese & Müller, Porsche with a large e-bike offensive

• The danger in the neck: For Commuter Heiko Schmude caution is always required

• The blue light bikers: The first go in Osnabrück Bike Cops on patrol with flashing lights and siren

• Strong appearance: feet of cyclists have to endure a lot. We tell you how to avoid pain

• The customer is king: only with one good adviceg customers get their dream bike. These are the challenges in sales

• Is that allowed? Are e-bikes allowed on the cycle path?

• Safety first! From the GPS tracker until radar: These products make cycling safer

• The new lightness of being: columnist Michael Schophaus talks about one Life without a side stand on the bike

• Jumpstart: The Club West Wind refurbishes old bicycles and gives them to the needy

travel news: Tips for tours, excursions, trips and equipment

The next issue (BIKE BILD 5/2022) will appear on October 20, 2022. With these topics:

• Inexpensive e-bikes up to 2,500 euros put to the test

• Checking out safe music solutions for cyclists

• Rainwear: How to protect yourself from rain and wind

• A big comparison of mobile battery air pumps

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