New BMW M2: world premiere in autumn 2022

BMW fans haven’t had it easy lately: XXL kidneys in most models, the current 1 Series (F40) only with transversely mounted three/four-cylinder engines and no rear-wheel drive. And then there is the boldly designed BMW iX electric SUV. But in autumn 2022 a real highlight will be presented that should even make old-school BMW fans happy: the new M2 G87!
BMW has given the new M2 its own website. In addition to a preview of the optics, there is also a reference to the motorization of the compact sports car. In addition, it is now clear when we will see the coupe for the first time without camouflage: The world premiere is on October 12, 2022. The market launch is then to follow in April 2023. How To Cars shows what is known about the M2!

Engine: 490 hp could be possible in the new M2

The new BMW M2 is back with a driving pleasure guarantee! Since the old M2 Competition already got 410 hp from the S55 straight-six, the successor will add a few more hp.

This is how the AUTO BILD illustrator imagines the new generation of the BMW M2.

However, the upcoming M2 keeps a certain respect distance to its bigger brothers. Nevertheless: In the basic version, up to 450 hp and a maximum of 550 Nm torque tear at the rear wheels. It is shifted manually as standard, but the well-known eight-speed ZF automatic transmission is available as an option.

A four-wheel drive, as offered as an option for the M3 and M4, will probably not be available. As an xDrive, the lighter M2 would probably drive its big siblings into the parade and steal market shares.

Driving: Accelerate in the camouflaged M2

AUTO BILD was allowed to do the first laps in the still heavily camouflaged prototype. At high speeds, the M2 is much more directional than its predecessor, while the short wheelbase brings enough movement in the vertical axis. The coupe does the sprint to country road speed in around four seconds, and it only tops out at 280 km/h.

BMW M2 prototype driving report

The M2 sticks with a classic exhaust system. Optionally, there are also M Performance Parts.

This agility also determines the spontaneous yet predictable self-steering behavior. Slip is part of the gesture of the M2. The steering behavior shows a little more sharpness, not least thanks to the 275 tires on the front axle.

The reactions at the limit are also more progressive, the adjustable spring-damper tuning is successful. And the sound of the 450 hp in-line six? It offers everything from indifferent to angry. So if the new M3 and M4 are too expensive or too chubby, you should wait until 2023. There is nothing else in this price range.

Design: BMW M2 with flared fenders and four real tailpipes

As befits a genuine M model, the M2’s fenders are flared, just like the M2 F87 predecessors and the legendary 1 Series M Coupé. At the rear, the top model can be identified by a four-pipe exhaust. The fact that there are four real tailpipes and no fake covers is a matter of honor with the M2.
Prototype BMW M2

The all-important question is: which kidneys will BMW choose for the M2?

The much-discussed “beaver kidney” is intended to differentiate the M versions more from the normal models. However, the “normal” BMW 2 Series Coupé G42 speaks against this. The original model has a relatively wide double kidney, but unlike the 4 it is not as high. As far as the M2 is concerned, this certainly fuels the hopes of critics of the large M kidneys.
BMW M has also already provided a glimpse of the M Performance Parts. Apparently, the top 2 can also be equipped with a spoiler at the rear and colored rims in the future. The camouflaged prototype also shows the performance exhaust system known from the M3 and M4, which arranges the tailpipes at an angle and one above the other.

Price: New BMW M2 will be more expensive than its predecessor

When the new BMW M2 is at the dealership from April 2023, it will probably be a bit more expensive than its predecessor. The 410 hp M2 Competition was last available from around 62,500 euros. The starting price of the upcoming M2 is likely to be around 65,000 euros.

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