New boss for the construction of German Tesla factory: Head of now for a former Ford manager

For a while, the construction of Tesla’s German Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin was in fact unmanaged: At the end of October, the dismissal of Evan Horetsky, who had previously supervised the construction of several other Tesla factories and was also responsible for the German one, became known. At the beginning of the month, Tesla turned off the water on the construction site because a bill went unpaid – the reason for this could be that no one was responsible at the time. But as has now become known, the Tesla project has had an official head again at least since the beginning of November.

From Ford painter to Gigafactory boss

According to a report by Tagesspiegel, this is Andre Thierig, a manager apparently from the Rhineland, who previously worked for Ford for almost 20 years: At the beginning of the month he signed a contract with the authorities as Tesla’s “Head of Gigafactory” reports the newspaper. An application dated October 12 already had his signature.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Thierig started his career in September 2000 as a trainee at Ford in Cologne, where he later worked as a painter. From 2002 he also studied electrical engineering and electronics (graduated with “very good”) and began a career at Ford. With his professional orientation, he could probably have started at Tesla earlier, but according to his profile, he did not change until this August Head of paint shop at the German Gigafactory.

This position was still indicated on LinkedIn on Tuesday, so not the new one as head of the overall project. But the Tesla leadership or the managers themselves seem to value discretion here: The Tagesspiegel also wrongly declared another manager to be the new Giga boss at the beginning of November – Tesla denied that, and shortly afterwards the manager’s LinkedIn profile was up disappeared.

Tesla is waiting for pre-approval

As head of the paint shop, Thierig played an important role for the German Tesla factory even before he was promoted to general manager: According to CEO Elon Musk, it will have one of the most modern paint shops in the world and enable “breathtaking” colors. The construction of the part of the building was started first. In mid-September, Tesla applied under the old giga master Horetsky to be allowed to install the first systems in it in advance, and parts are apparently already waiting nearby. Unlike several previous pre-approvals, this is still a long time coming.


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