New Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport: limit experience in prototypes

The Chiron Pur Sport is so blatant

When feelings and car ride roller coaster: AUTO BILD is exclusively on the road in the new Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport – a real borderline experience.

Wwe are on Bilster mountain, an amazingly challenging racetrack near Paderborn. Here Marcus Graf von Oeynhausen-Sierstorpff fulfilled his dream of the small Nürburgring. And Bugatti? Tests chassis, tires, brakes on the 60 copies limited edition three million euros (plus VAT) expensive Chiron Pur Sport. Because Bugatti a brand of the big VW group everything must work here, they apply strict quality standards the large series. Anyone who has clunked the door of a Ferrari and had the door handle in his hand knows how difficult it is in small series.

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Pure Sport is primarily about driving dynamics

Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport

Aerodynamically neatly upgraded: a 1.90 meter wide wing adorns the rear of the Pur Sport.

After the Chiron Super Sport 300+, which is designed for maximum top speed, the Pur Sport goes the opposite way – maximum agility, maximum maneuverability. Not so easy with a car whose Motor and gear unit alone 800 kilograms weighs. Vmax? Not sooo important here. And therefore electronically limited to only 350 km / h. This decision, however, gave the engineers freedom. 1.90 meters wider, fixed rear spoiler, new magnesium wheels (they alone save 16 kilos compared to the series), newly mixed Michelin sports tires – and above all with a completely new chassis geometry -2.5 degree fall (otherwise only racing cars are so negative) ensure that they revere the Pur Sport internally “the rocket car“There are currently two development vehicles from this. Unlike the blue and black painted show car, which is actually on the Geneva Motor Show should be presented (and then came the corona crisis), completely matt black, sensors here and there, inside a prototype.

The brain can hardly keep up with thinking

Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport

What a beast: 1500 HP and over 1600 Nm flip the Pur Sport easily from curve to curve.

According to the theory, I can now really become a Rocketman. Only in the passenger seat, but at least. Maybe better at anyway 1500 hp and more than 1600 Nm. And an ESP that is in Sport + deliberately on large drift angles is programmed. The passenger seat is also a challenge. Nothing works without a respirator (corona) and helmet (racetrack). Butt on the sill, pull your head in, slowly slide over the thick cushion of the seat, pull your legs up. It fits. Somehow. Now that Four-point belt tighten so tight that you can barely breathe. Test driver Sven puts in first gear, off to Warm-up lap. Right, left, uphill, downhill, long left, down into the compression a very three-dimensional curve, start-finish. And full throttle. When braking on the first fast cornering I’m glad that they strapped me into the seat like this.

The cerebellum claps against the inside of the skull wall and before it can move back to its original place in the head, the Bugatti has already hooked. Take a breath. The fast corners go so fast that you can hardly keep up with your thoughts, in compression the front spoiler grinds on the asphalt – the Pur Sport is so compressed here.

The performance of the Über-Chiron is simply incredible

Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport

Extremely agile: On the fast lap, test driver Sven almost only steers the Bugatti with the accelerator.

Unlike in other cars that are designed for maximum contact pressure, the Bugatti continues after the curve. The 16 cylinder acoustically (and also with a view of the tachometer) has little trouble snapping the load to the next curve. Hissing, bubbling, turbo whistling, very casual. The cerebellum? Now stick to the back of the skull. And that was only half the fun. In round two Sven switches that ESP to the new “Sport +” regulation. And shoots across the start-finish straight. And hardly steers the car with the, uh, steering wheel, but with the gas foot. Really amazing how light-footed the Eight liter engine responds. It builds its strength linearly, allowing all angles from slight oversteer to nasty drift. The cerebellum? Has been running in the emergency program for a long time. In the end it comes how it has to come. We’re rolling for one Cooling down lap (which I need more than the car) in the pit lane. Open the door, just get out. Who wants to throw up in a prototype worth millions? Not me.

Technical data Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport • Engine: 16-cylinder, four turbochargers • Displacement: 7993 cm³ • Power: 1103 kW (1500 PS) at 6900 / min • Torque:> 1600 Nm from 2000 to 6000 / min • Drive: all-wheel, seven-speed DSG • Unladen weight: Price: from 3,570,000 euros.


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