New cars from Mercedes, Audi: that’s how long you have to wait for it

The list of bad news gets longer every day. Millions fewer cars leave the factories, tens of billions of euros are not turned over. The result: a lot of short-time work, long delivery times. the Chip crisis becomes a constant burden, for car manufacturers as well as for buyers.

If you urgently need a new car, you shouldn’t be too picky at the moment. You may be better advised to consider a finished model – a so-called stock vehicle – or a daily or short-term registration from the dealer.

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The fact is: It is hardly possible to make reliable predictions as to which circles the semiconductor shortage will continue to make and how long it will last. Experts suspect that the problem will stay with us well into next year. Here is an overview of the delivery times.

That’s how long you have to wait for your car

When will my Volkswagen arrive?


VW expects delivery times of three to six months, depending on the model and equipment. The prognosis from traders is even more bleak. As a car dealership employee revealed, delivery times of even ten to twelve months are to be feared for the ID.3 and ID.4 electric models.

How long does Seat / Cupra need for delivery?


According to the Spanish manufacturer, the delivery time depends on the engine and transmission variant. So if you are flexible, you may be able to get a new car faster. Seat expects delivery times of three to nine months for all models.
The Cupra Formentor takes three to six months to arrive, depending on the variant. Seat currently expects delivery times of three to nine months – for all models.

Why has my Mercedes not been delivered yet?


At Mercedes too, “there are currently equipment restrictions in various model series. This also results in delays in delivery,” it says from Stuttgart.

Mercedes monitors and evaluates “the situation continuously in close coordination with our suppliers. All customer groups are affected by the current delivery delays. The delivery control is currently flexible in order to limit the waiting time as best as possible. “

Exciting: Mercedes takes into account “regardless of the model, how long a customer has been waiting for his vehicle” and tries “to prioritize accordingly. However, the handover to the customer is heavily dependent on the individual equipment and the short-term availability of parts.”

When can Kia deliver my new car?


According to Kia, the trade has adapted to the situation. So there is a supply. Kia to AUTO BILD: “All model variants of the Ceed family are available almost immediately or within a few days.” The manufacturer hopes for “a certain degree of flexibility or willingness to compromise” on the part of the customers. “Because a certain color or equipment variant may already be out of stock. If this is the case and a vehicle has to be ordered ex works, the delivery time is an average of three months. The Ceed family is European through and through, and was designed specifically for Europe is developed and is also produced in Europe – namely in the Kia plant in Zilina / Slovakia. This means that customers benefit from short delivery routes. “

Which Audi models are available?


Audi customers don’t have to wait long for the Q3 SUV model. The Q3 plug-in hybrid is an exception: here the waiting time is up to seven months. The A6, on the other hand, has longer delivery times of around six months. This applies to both combustion engines and plug-in hybrids.

When will my mini be with me?


Which Hyundai models have the shortest delivery time?


We asked Hyundai about the availability of the popular Kona. The SUV is available as a combustion engine (petrol and diesel), a plug-in hybrid, a pure electric car and a sporty N version. Hyundai to AUTO BILD: Due to the good pre-planning of Hyundai Motor Germany and our trading partners, all models of the Kona series are currently available immediately. “

How long will my Opel still need?


Opel is also struggling with chip replenishment. From the press department it says: “Our teams are constantly working to advance our production activities in this unstable context and to make necessary, short-term adjustments. We do everything we can to supply our customers as best as possible. However, it can currently be blocked with some models longer delivery times are coming. ” Opel is working “hard to limit the inconvenience for customers and to find solutions together with trading partners to ensure customer mobility.”

Why isn’t my BMW coming?


BMW to AUTO BILD: “The delivery time for BMW vehicles is around three to four months on average. Exceptions to this can occur with models that are brand new to the market. Due to the volatile supply situation with semiconductor components, delivery times can currently be affected individual models come.

How does Ford get through the semiconductor crisis?


At Ford, the production lines in the Cologne and Saarlouis plants are currently at a standstill – due to delivery bottlenecks. A Ford spokesman for BILD: “Due to the volatile delivery situation for semiconductors, we do not want to comment on current delivery times at the moment.” When asked by a Ford dealership, BILD learned that the Kuga and Puma models currently have a delivery time of at least six months – and the trend is rising.

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