New chipset driver for Ryzen should increase stability

With new chipset drivers for Ryzen CPUs, AMD wants to increase the stability and security of the processors.

Manufacturer AMD releases new chipset drivers for its Ryzen processors at regular intervals. The now released version is available for Windows 10 and Windows 11 for free download. The platforms AM4, TRX40 and WRX80 are supported. In this way, all relevant processors from AMD are updated on a Zen basis. Only some CPUs of the first Zen generation are no longer supported on Windows 11.

New power plans

With the new chipset drivers, AMD is leading the function to prevent a downgrade in the PSP driver. This “Platform Security Processor” is intended to increase security. Anyone who has installed a Ryzen processor in their system should also be able to look forward to an improved AMD Ryzen Power Plan. This includes power plans for all major CPUs. In this way, you can either optimize the performance or the power savings of the processor.

Bugs and Instructions

In addition, AMD has fixed several bugs. This also includes the connection with different LED lighting technologies of PC mainboards. Nevertheless, some errors remain for which there is currently no solution. Sometimes the latest drivers are not installed when a custom installation is selected. If you don’t use English in your operating system, you have to manually restart after installing the chipset drivers. If you need help installing the drivers, AMD has instructions with lots of screenshots. Here the installation of the chipset driver is explained step by step.

AMD chipset driver version free download

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