New concept for retractable OLED TV from LG Display emerged

Concept of a retractable OLED TV with viewing window from LG Display
Concept of a retractable OLED TV with viewing window from LG Display

LG Display has released a new concept for a retractable 4K OLED TV. The OLED display provides additional information on the content via a viewing window in certain usage scenarios.

When we saw the pictures, the question immediately popped into our head: “Where is the RX 4K OLED TV that can be rolled up? ”. The rollable OLED televisions from LG should have been on the market for 2 years, but have so far only been sold in homeopathic quantities in South Korea (at a high price). The new TV concept from LG Display, in which the display can (almost) completely disappear into the TV chassis using a lifting device, almost seems to us as if we wanted to present the customer with an alternative to the rollable OLED TV. As we have already learned from several sources, the failure rate for rollable OLED televisions is probably unusually high, which in turn would explain why the announced R9 (2019) and the RX (2020) have not appeared in other countries.

“Second display” in the viewing window

Be that as it may, the retractable 4K OLED TV, for which LG Display has registered a patent, is so far only a concept. But as we all know, many of LG Display’s concepts and prototypes will eventually be turned into a marketable product. The detailed patent, which you can view here, describes an OLED television that can be completely hidden in the chassis via a mechanical retraction. In most cases, the view of a narrow section of the OLED display through a viewing window is retained. For example, when the display is completely retracted or when music is played.

4K OLED TV with perfect aspect ratio?

All maybe not that impressive until we get to the movie rendering. Since the OLED display can be extended steplessly, the presentation could be perfectly adapted to the aspect ratio of the content. If the OLED display does not open completely, films and series are shown in full resolution, but without black bars, as occurs in most Hollywood productions.

In the base, in which the OLED display disappears, there would certainly be room for a powerful sound system. Hidden behind acoustic fabric, the drivers could radiate directly towards the user. But as noted, all of this is still a long way off. Perhaps this variant could really replace the “Rollable OLED” (RX) or the wallpaper TV (most recently WX in 2020) as lifestyle TV. We have the feeling that we will soon see this concept at one of the next trade fairs!


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