New corona plan: openings from an incidence of less than 100

Slow openings like here in a cafe in Strande near Kiel should soon be possible

Slow openings like here in a cafe in Strande near Kiel should soon be possible

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The federal and state governments now want to be significantly more generous than previously planned when it comes to opening steps.

According to information from from government circles, the federal and state governments want to ease the lockdown at the joint Corona summit on Wednesday afternoon from a state-wide or district-wide incidence of less than 100.

From Monday onwards, more friends, relatives and acquaintances should definitely be able to meet again. Accordingly, meetings between your own household and another household are possible, but limited to a maximum of five people – not including children up to 14 years of age. In addition, bookshops, flower shops and garden centers should be allowed to open uniformly in all federal states.

If the incidence in a federal state falls below 35, there should also be opening steps, for example in shops. Then, for example, retail stores should be allowed to open up to 800 square meters of sales area for one customer per 10 square meters and each additional customer per 20 square meters (more on this here). If the incidence remains stable below 35 for 14 days or continues to decrease, there is additional relaxation.

So far, it has not been known what happens when the incidence rises above 35. After research by, the federal and state governments agreed on Tuesday that there will also be openings – up to an incidence limit of 100. For example, retail stores should then also be allowed to open, but only for so-called “click and meet” -Deals. Then a customer for every 40 square meter of sales area or part thereof could be “approved for a fixed limited period of time with documentation for contact tracking in the store after booking an appointment in advance,” says the updated draft resolution. Appointments can be booked by telephone, in writing or by email.

Museums, galleries, zoological and botanical gardens and memorials should also be able to open to visitors with an appointment with an incidence between 35 and 100. Individual sports alone or in pairs and sports in groups with up to ten children up to 14 years of age should also be possible outdoors on outdoor sports facilities.

If the incidence remains stable between 35 and 100 days after this wave of opening times for 14 days, a country can take further measures: Then, for example, the opening of outdoor restaurants should be possible for visitors who have booked an appointment in advance. Theaters, concerts and opera houses as well as cinemas should also be allowed to open. In all cases, however, customers must present daily negative corona quick tests or self-tests in advance. If the incidence remains below 35 even after this opening wave, there should be further easing, with more restrictions at a value of 35 and 100.

Important: If the incidence rises to over 100 on three consecutive days in all cases, the affected countries should apply an “emergency brake” from the second following day: Then the strict lockdown rules, which were adopted by March 7, apply.


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