New corona rules: risky queues in front of shops soon?

Customers in front of a shop on Hamburger Spitalerstraße

Customers in front of a shop on Hamburger Spitalerstraße

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From December 1st, the currently valid Corona rules in Germany will be tightened again. Then not only stricter requirements apply to private meetings and in schools. Shops also have to adjust to innovations.

So far, admission restrictions apply, according to which only one customer is allowed per 10 square meters of sales area. According to the decision of the Prime Minister and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) from Wednesday, this is to be tightened for shops with an area of ​​more than 800 square meters. Then there is a maximum of 1 customer per 20 square meters. For the entire retail trade it was also decided that a mask requirement should also apply in front of shops and parking lots.

The trade association HDE finds this tiered concept nonsensical. There is no objective reason to issue different rules for sales areas above and below 800 square meters, said managing director Stefan Genth. Hygiene concepts have proven themselves in both small and larger rooms. The new requirements may even be counterproductive: “With this regulation, we will experience queues in front of supermarkets, fashion stores and department stores. That creates new opportunities for contagion, ”says Genth. “In addition, the queues could give the impression that goods are running out. Which could lead to hamster purchases. “

The Federal Association of Medium-Sized Enterprises has also described the resolutions of the federal and state governments as a “new low blow” for stationary retail. Chief economist Hans-Jürgen Völz spoke on Thursday of a strong economic stimulus for large online mail order companies: “The classic Christmas business of November and December has already been done for many businesses.”

With a view to the extended closings of restaurants, for example, until just before Christmas, Völz said: “All hopes that the economy will recover quickly after the crash in the middle of the year are thus finally off the table.”

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