New dating app Cheek2Cheek matches people based on their poops

Plumbing developer Tushy launches a very striking dating app. Cheek2Cheek matches bachelors based on their turds. Let that prince (es) on the brown horse come out now!

Beauty is on the inside, so what comes out must be even more beautiful! Tushy is launching the new dating app Cheek2Cheek that matches singles based on their bowel movements. According to the developer, our toilet habits are a popular topic of conversation. Would they help in love too?

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“Difficult period for singles”

“This period of social isolation has made it more difficult for singles to meet and interact with like-minded people,” Tushy founder Miki Agrawal told the Forbes business site.

Fortunately, dating apps exist in 2020. That is why sanitary developer Tushy is launching one that fits within the field. Besides your age, place of residence and profile picture, you have to upload some pictures of your turd.

(Instagram is 10 years old: that’s how you get the retro icon back.)

Propper or folder

Cheek2Cheek also asks for other information about your toilet habits. Are you a prop or a folder? Do you stay on the pot until you almost fall asleep or do you like to get away as quickly as possible?

“People’s toilet habits and the comfort level of running a big errand can divide a relationship,” says the developer. “This app can help solve these problems once and for all.”

Pay wedding party

It is therefore the intention that, as with Tinder, you swipe photos of turds to the left or right. When users have a match, they can chat or video chat with each other.

Tushy says she really believes in the app and is even willing to pay back the wedding party, worth about 17,000 euros, of a couple who met through Cheek2Cheek. The app will be launched in the coming months and will be available for both iOS and Android.


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