New DHL service for Amazon customers from October 10th

Amazon customers can return products to Amazon via DHL even more easily from October 10th. That is new.

From October 10th there will be a new DHL service for Amazon customers that will make it easier to ship returns. That reports Paketda. Accordingly, the new service is called “Retoure Unverpackt” and allows Amazon customers to simply return an unpackaged item to Amazon in the normal product packaging in a DHL shop. Not even a parcel label has to be printed out in advance.

In the DHL shop, Amazon customers receive a suitable mailing bag in their product packaging when they hand in the return and can have a mobile shipping label printed out using a QR code. The returns are then collected in the DHL shops for seven calendar days and then sent together to Amazon’s returns center.

New DHL service not available for all Amazon products

According to the report, all DHL shops will be equipped with appropriate shipping bags and return boxes over the coming weeks. DHL accepts the higher effort in order to make it easier for Amazon to send returns. The operators of DHL shops are to receive additional remuneration for the service due to the greater effort involved in processing Amazon returns.

“The new Unpacked Retoure service offers your customers a new and uncomplicated shipping option. With your service and on-site advice, you contribute to a high level of customer satisfaction, which has a positive effect on the branch,” says a letter sent by DHL – Shop operator received from DHL.

However, the “Return Unpacked” service will not be available for all Amazon products. Products that are too large, too heavy or too fragile should be excluded.

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