New documentary gives a unique insight into the world of sugar dating 2.0

How far will women go for an expensive designer bag and what do they afford to be taken on a luxury vacation? That is what maker Mildred Roethof sought out for the documentary Hans Pays the Damage. Under the guise ‘we would rather be heartbroken in a Mercedes than in a tram’, the viewer learns who today’s Hansen (the sugar addies 2.0) and Grietjes (the desirable women) are.

What is their story and who is actually using whom? The personal stories paint a unique portrait of this sugar dating scene that is no longer as anonymous as it used to be due to social media. Above all, sugar dating happens everywhere: from Limburg to Friesland and everything in between.

Not only do you follow sugar friends and entrepreneurs Marianna and Dina, but you also hear the story of the Hansen in this world. Gino is such a Hans, while Emms from rap formation Broederl Liefde speaks in the documentary about the downside of this lifestyle. He is often unwittingly harassed by sugar babes who expect to pay for their lifestyle and raps about this phenomenon.

“I hope this documentary provides an interesting insight into a lifestyle that has long remained under the radar,” says Mildred. “My goal is to show what kind of bubble we live in and that, partly due to the influence and pressure of social media, the urge for luxury, money and appearance is increasing. This is not only a shift in the use of social media, but also male / female relationships are given another dimension by the target group itself. ”

The documentary Hans Pays the Damage can now be seen on Videoland.


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