New EU law requires replaceable smartphone batteries

A new EU law is intended to force manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung to use replaceable smartphone batteries.

20 years ago, anyone who was annoyed by an empty mobile phone battery while on the move could easily replace it in a few simple steps. The same could be done with old batteries: remove the back and insert a new battery. The EU wants exactly this time back. The EU battery regulation that has now been passed is intended to enable more sustainable use of batteries. In the case of electric cars, a CO2 footprint of batteries should make the purchase easier for drivers. Replaceable batteries are generally required for light means of transport such as e-bikes.

More recycling demanded

Smartphone manufacturers will also have to comply with the new law in the future. The batteries installed in the devices must be replaceable. Accordingly, from the year 2024, the firmly glued batteries in smartphones should be history. As a further step, there should be a stronger focus on human rights in the battery value chain. There is also a certain amount of cobalt, lead, lithium and nickel that must be recycled in the manufacture of new batteries.

Looking for clever concepts

For Apple, Samsung and Co., the new EU directive means a stronger focus on replaceable batteries. The extent to which this limits the water resistance found on many smartphones remains to be seen. Changing the battery will probably not be as easy as it was with previous cell phones. It is quite possible that the manufacturers will adapt to the new EU law with clever concepts and thus give their devices a longer service life. Because it is usually the battery that is outdated and used up well before the other built-in components.

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