New feature for Whatsapp calls – that’s behind it

Parent company Meta is introducing a new feature for Whatsapp calls this week. The new “Call Links” should make it easier to share calls with friends and acquaintances. Whatsapp might even go one step further.

Whatsapp calls should become more open. With a new update, so-called “call links” are added to the Messenger app, which allows friends and acquaintances to be added to calls via a link that can be sent. The update is scheduled to be rolled out later this week. It remains unclear whether Whatsapp will join other platforms and also allow participants without Whatsapp accounts to make calls.

The call links can be accessed via the calls tab in Whatsapp. The option appears at the top of the list and allows to start an open call and generate a link that the user can send. By clicking on the link, the participants land directly in the Whatsapp call. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the change on his Facebook profile. According to Whatsapp boss Will Cathcart, call links work with audio and video calls.

But one important question is not mentioned: Is a Whatsapp account a prerequisite for participating in calls? Many competitors such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom have now opened their platforms and also allow participants who do not have an account with the respective providers. This function is particularly interesting for business customers who use these communication channels internally but also want to add outsiders to calls on a regular basis.

Another new feature that Zuckerberg announced in his Facebook post shows that Whatsapp wants to become more attractive for companies. Whatsapp is currently testing a new feature that will enable encrypted video calls with up to 32 participants.

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