New for gamers: powerful laptops and futuristic gaming chair

NVIDIA, maker of video cards, announced the arrival of its latest line of laptop GPUs during the CES tech fair. The company has made its latest RTX video chips in a smaller format, which will be available in several new gaming laptops from the end of next month.

Lenovo Legion

Gaming laptops are becoming increasingly popular. Makes sense: they are also becoming increasingly powerful, approaching the performance of much larger, slower desktop PCs. During CES various manufacturers have brought their latest showpieces from the stable.

Levovo announced four new laptops in its Legion Gaming line. The 16-inch Lenovo Legion 7, the 15-inch Lenovo Legion 5 Pro, the 16-inch Lenovo Legion Sim 7, and the Lenovo Legion 5, available in two screen sizes. According to Lenovo, the laptops can automatically overclock thanks to artificial intelligence to make games run even more smoothly. The laptops can also independently select the most optimal graphics settings in games.

The laptops use the latest AMD Ryzen Mobile chips, offer a choice of the new NVIDIA RTX laptop GPUs and are quieter thanks to new cooling technologies, according to Lenovo. The Legion laptops will be released from March, with starting prices of between 1099 and 1499 euros, depending on model and version.

ASUS Republic of Gamers

ASUS releases several notable gaming laptops under its Republic of Gamers sub-brand. There is the hefty ROG Strix SCAR 17, a 17.3-inch laptop with a super-fast 300Hz screen, RTX 3080 GPU and an optical-mechanical keyboard for faster performance. The SCAR 17 is available from 2,999 euros.

Also notable is the 15.6-inch ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 SE, a gaming laptop with a second screen. The main screen is 4K 120Hz, and the laptop has an Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU. The Duo 15 SE costs 4099 euros. The smallest option is the ROG Flow X13, a 13.4-inch hybrid laptop that can be powered by a large-format video card with an external eGPU dock. Together with that eGPU and an RTX 3080 GPU, the ROG Flow X13 costs 3299 euros. All new ASUS ROG laptops are now available to pre-order from various retailers.


Razer has announced new versions of its sleek Blade laptops. The Blade 15 and Blade Pro 17 are now both available with video cards from the RTX 30 series, up to and including the RTX 3080. The Blade 15 is available from 1799 euros, the Blade Pro 17 from 2399 euros.

Razer also surprised with its own mouth mask, including a built-in microphone and speaker that amplifies the user’s voice. The cap would also close better than many other mouth masks, and it is also partly transparent so that the lips of the user remain visible. Price and availability are not yet known.

Razer also came up with Project Brooklyn, a new concept for a gaming chair. A 60-inch retractable curved OLED screen rises from the back of the chair and unfolds to cover the gamer’s full view. Small tables for keyboard and mouse could fold out of the armrests.

As is often the case with Razer concepts, the entire project is not expected to hit the market, but parts may eventually appear in real products.

Dell Alienware

With its Alienware line of gaming laptops, Dell also offers a choice of the latest Nvidia RTX-30 cards. Both the 15.6-inch Alienware m15 and the 17.3-inch Alienware m17. The m17 R4 also has a choice of a 360Hz display, and both laptops come with HDMI 2.1 connection, to take advantage of the latest gaming options on TVs.

Game TVs

The new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S have a number of options that are only available with the latest TVs. That has been a bit of a caution until now, but pretty much all new TVs announced at CES 2021 will support those game features.

For example, all new TVs from Sony include support for 4K 120Hz and VRR. The new Samsung Neo QLED TVs do that too, offering special game options that are easier to access through the new Game Bar.

All new LG TVs are equipped with a Game Optimizer, which automatically finds the best settings for games, including the new standards mentioned. Plus, LG TVs will soon get a built-in Google Stadia app.

Lenovo’s Nintendo Switch alternative

The Nintendo Switch is a hit, thanks in part to its hybrid design. Can be used as a handheld and linked to the TV, the Switch is versatile, but remarkably little copied. Lenovo and NEC are now trying to do that with a concept device.

The LaVie Mini is a slightly thicker 8-inch touchscreen tablet with a screen of 1920 x 1200 pixels and behind it an 11th generation Intel chip with Xe graphics. Two controller halves can be clicked on the sides of the tablet, just like with the Nintendo Switch.

And to play on a TV, the device can be docked. Unfortunately, there is no prospect of an actual sale of the LaVie Mini yet.

Bright summarizes the news of the virtual tech fair CES 2021. Follow all updates here.


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