New free games on Steam and the Epic Games Store

There are four new games on Steam and the Epic Games Store that you can try out at no extra cost.

If you would like to spend the dull weekend in front of your gaming PC, but have not yet found the right games, you should visit the Epic Games Store and Steam. Because both platforms are again offering several games this weekend that can be tried out in full or even kept permanently.

Real-time strategy in a new guise

Steam starts with the real-time strategy game “Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition”. Released in 2020, the Forgotten Empires game is available to try out in its entirety until July 11th. A high discount makes the eventual purchase of the full version palatable. The overhauled Definitive Edition offers more beautiful graphics for 4K monitors. There is also a modernized gameplay. As is typical for the series, players have to choose a people and lead it to blossom by building bases, recruiting troops and researching new technologies.

Cooperative zombie banging

In the Epic Games Store, however, there is the co-op shooter “Killing Floor 2” as a permanent gift. The six-year-old title is still being considered by the developers with new content. If you want to decimate zombie hordes together with friends, you’ve come to the right place.

Multiplayer game for free

The action game “Minion Masters – KaBOOM Kingdom” is also offered free of charge. The multiplayer game, which can also be played online, can be tried out until July 14th. After that, 12 euros are due for the purchase of the full version.

Open world racing game

On the other hand, if you prefer car racing games, you should take a closer look at “The Crew 2” on Steam. The open-world racing game features an impressive representation of the United States. This huge world can be explored together with friends. “The Crew 2” can be tried out in full until July 13th. Due to a discount of 80 percent, the standard version currently only costs 9.99 euros.

Try Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition for free on Steam

Download Killing Floor 2 for free from Epic Games

Try Minion Masters – KaBOOM Kingdom for free on Steam

Try The Crew 2 for free on Steam

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