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New guidelines for diversity Oscars

The Oscars today announced new diversity guidelines for the “Best Picture” category. From 2024, films must meet new requirements.

The Academy Awards, the official name for the world-famous film prize, is better known as the Oscars. The organization behind this famous award, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, has been criticized for some time because of the lack of diversity in the prize winners. Nominated actors and directors have mostly been white in recent years.

Behind the scenes diversity

The new guidelines are part of a five-year plan of the Oscars to promote diversity in the film industry. That plan looks at numbers in the hiring of people with a non-white skin color, women, the disabled and LGBT people.

The employees behind the scenes are also included in this. Positions such as production employee, marketing employee and interns must also meet the diversity guidelines. “We believe these inclusion standards will accelerate long-term, vital change in our industry,” the Academy’s top two executives said in a statement.

The new rules apply to films that want to be on the nomination list from 2024. There are four conditions, including: casting and subject, behind-the-scenes staff, internship and training opportunities, and marketing and publicity. Future candidates must meet at least two of the four requirements.

Racism debate

In 2016, an online discussion started via Twitter under the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite. In it, many people criticized the fact that the winners of the film prize, two years in a row, consisted of only white participants. The recent demonstrations against racism and the surrounding debate also ensure that diversity in the film industry is also under discussion.

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New guidelines for diversity Oscars


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